1. We supply to the ship- and yacht builders, either partly- and/or complete construction kits for the hull and superstructures
  2. We supply steel, stainless steel and aluminium selfjigging construction kits
  3. We perform numerically controlled cold frame bending and cold deforming and shaping of shell plates from single to double curved. This for maximum accuracy both for dimensions and form of each individual part
  4. We supply construction kits per section/block
  5. We are a high-tech subcontractor for all the time-consuming cutting- and forming work for all shipbuilders
  6. We achieve costsavings up to 50% through efficient use of material and reduced assembling lead-time of the hull and/or superstructure at the shipyard
  7. Our core activity is pre-fabrication of steel and aluminium for 24 Hours a day and 365 days a year!


All plate parts will be nested for an efficient use of material. The cutting of the material is performed with Direct Numerical Controlled cutting machines. Each fabricated part is numbered with an unique identification number.

The cutting process is executed both with autogenous- and plasma machines. The choice between autogenous and plasma underwater-cutting depends on material type as well as material thickness. For an efficient assembly of the ship hull an exact form as well as accurate dimensions of parts is of main importance during the cutting process.

Considering that we are working in close coöperation with shipyards, we are able to adapt to the general used cutting ‘software’ on all our production machines.



Autogenous cutting will be executed on steel with a thickness of 20mm or more. The autogenous cutting machine is provided with the most modern ‘state of art’ hypothermic cutting device, which enables it to cut plates both S.B. and P.S. in one cutting cycle.

Our in-house R&D departement has developed a marking device on the cutting-machine, which assures easy readable and accurate marking lines on each part, for easy assembly at the shipyard.


The plasma-cutting takes place under water. It’s used for aluminium and steel with a thickness less than 20mm.

The plasma cutting process has many advantages:

  • High accuracy with smooth cutting surface
  • A minimal heat transfer into the product
  • No distortion of the parts
  • A good reproduction of parts-geometry
  • Suitability for cutting a wide variety of alloys